Alternative Water Sources

CMR can generate water usage and cost savings of 50%+ by matching your needs with the most suitable alternative water sources.

Using alternative water sources can also give your organisation environmental credibility and contribute to your sustainability objectives.

Water conservation

Several alternative sources of water are available in most countries to meet both sanitary and process uses. Potential sources include:

  • Boreholes - for both sanitary and process requirements;
  • Rain water or grey water harvesting - for sanitary uses;
  • River water - for process use & cooling;
  • Industrial water - for process use & cooling;
  • Canals - for cooling.

These alternative water sources can be used to displace the need for using expensive towns water for flushing toilets and urinals, cooling tower makeup, production of pure water in RO plant, steam boiler makeup, laundry, metal treatment rinse tanks, vehicle washing, gardening, etc.

Simultaneous energy extraction using heat pumps may be viable.

How can CMR help?

To select the best technical and cost effective solution, we begin by understanding how water is being used across the business and its true cost.  On a typical industrial site this includes supply, return to sewer and trade effluent charges.

We adopt a step-by-step process:

  1. A comprehensive audit of usage is produced, with results presented pictorially as water maps, showing usage per facility or per building (m3 & cost £).
  2. Net reduction opportunities are identified, which yield immediate savings with no operational changes and minimise the overall demand for water.
  3. Alternative sources of water are investigated, which involves a desk top assessment of geological maps, roof surveys and discussions with river and canal authorities.
  4. A concise report is produced.  This includes how the alternative water source could displace the import of mains water, the cost of implementation and potential cost savings. Savings of over 50% can be achieved by adopting one or more of the alternative sources of water.

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