CMR has vast experience working with our clients to install additional AMR sub-metering.

Advanced metering and data loggers have changed the way we collect and monitor electricity, gas or water data, providing information that allows you to gain control over your consumption and costs. They eliminate the need for time consuming and inconsistent manual meter readings, making the process of data collection more timely and efficient and reducing the problem of estimated and inaccurate supplier bills.

The quality of data provided from the meters offers a range of analytical benefits, helping to highlight waste, improve efficiency and generate cost savings.

Benefits of advanced metering

  • Automated half hourly, hourly or daily data collection;
  • Timely, accurate information;
  • Ability to monitor, measure and manage energy;
  • Accurate meter readings and invoices – no more estimated bills or accruals;
  • Accurate apportionment of costs to profit or cost centres;
  • Improved forecasting and budget allocation accuracy;
  • Improved visibility provides incentive for control methods;
  • Future supplier procurement and tariff optimisation benefit.

Half Hourly metering

Generally, if your business uses over 100kW you will already use half hourly metering. This provides accurate information on your energy consumption which can be accessed remotely by your energy consultant, broker or supplier.

CMR’s data management services can use this precise data to identify inefficiencies and recommend areas where your business could reduce waste and cut costs on your energy bill. We can also link this data with other information from your site, such as sub metering or units of production, to provide a centralised database of energy performance.

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