Audits & Strategy

CMR work with clients at a strategic level to enable an holistic and procedural approach to be applied to energy, carbon and water management.

We work with you to understand your needs and then put in place processes, procedures and action plans to meet your objectives. Developing a strategy is important so we can define the ‘end-state’ and make sure all activities are complimentary, cost effective and resource efficient. The logical first step is development of an energy policy which involves:

  • Commitment from senior management;
  • Clearly defined objectives;
  • Internal and external roles and responsibilities;
  • Action plan

To develop energy and water saving opportunities, a key element of the strategy is auditing the buildings and assets to identify energy savings opportunities. We conduct audits to recognised standards, such as BS EN 16247, ISO50002 and ASHRAE (depending on the clients preference) and each audit can be carried out to different levels depending on the level of energy management engagement has already taken place:

  • Type 1 – basic walk round audit to identify opportunities to reduce energy and water consumption and cost;
  • Type 2 – more detailed audit involving field measurements (using loggers and test equipment) to generate recommendations with accurate cost savings and costs to implement;
  • Type 3 – involves more detailed measurements, analysis (including the development of KPIs) and wider benefits realisation involving feasibility studies and pilots to produce crisp projects with well-defined business cases.

At each stage consideration is given to legislative requirements such as ESOS, CRC and CCAs to ensure complimentary and rounded solutions. As an example, energy consumption covered by CCAs would be exempt from ESOS audits and the audits carried out as part of the initial assessments can contribute towards ESOS compliance. We also assess impact on operations, governance, maintenance and training to ensure internal and external communications are appropriate for any changes made.

CMR have qualified ISO50001 auditors and implementation consultants and following on from the audits and opportunities identification, ISO50001 (a recognised energy management system (EnMS)) would provide a platform for continuous improvement. We also have qualified measurement and verification (M & V) specialists (certified to IPMVP standards), so M & V strategies can be incorporated into the EnMS to lock-in savings and support on-going improvements.

For more information, contact us at, or call on +44 (0)844 225 1166 to speak to one of our senior energy and water consultants.