To maximise the benefits of Combined Heat and Power, CMR offers a holistic approach, where your CHP plant and current systems form part of an integrated energy strategy.

The challenges of CHP

For sites with significant and continuous heat demands, a well specified CHP plant can offer major benefits – net reductions in energy costs and CO2 emissions.

However, these benefits can be diminished or even negated when:

  • The CHP plant is not correctly matched to the site’s energy profiles
  • Energy demands change during the life of the CHP plant
  • Opportunities for energy savings are not realised
  • There are changes in the relative price of gas and electricity.

Even when CHP is operated by a third party under an energy purchase contract (EPC), many of these risks are still borne by the site rather than the EPC provider.

How can CMR assist?

CMR takes a strategic approach to CHP delivery.  We consider the design, selection, specification and integration of a CHP plant, in parallel with the optimisation of your site’s heat distribution and utilisation systems.  By bringing all elements together, as part of an integrated energy strategy, we can identify the most cost effective and sustainable strategy for reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Our services:

  • Energy mapping based on a site survey and measurement and analytical techniques, to quantify and characterise existing heat load profiles.
  • Identifying, quantifying and costing opportunities to reduce energy losses or improve efficiency of existing systems.  CHP plant can then be sized based on a more efficient site that consumes less energy.
  • Identifying opportunities to convert heating media to enhance compatibility with CHP (eg replace steam with hot water).
  • Producing an optimised dynamic energy balance, incorporating efficiency improvements to identify optimum CHP technology and capacity.
  • Developing a long-term, integrated energy strategy that encompasses efficiency improvements and low carbon technology.
  • Producing a financial model of the proposed solution, (capex and EPC options where required) including sensitivities to energy price scenarios, based on current and future demand profiles and fiscal incentives (CHPQA, IPPC, CCL etc).
  • Preparing outline specifications for optimum CHP solutions and site integration strategies.
  • Appraisal of EPC to evaluate benefits, risks, responsibilities and sensitivities, with the aim of ensuring the risks are shared equitably and transparently between the host and provider.

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