Climate Change Agreement (CCA)

Need assistance with your Climate Change Agreement (CCA)? We can help…

If your organisation is within an eligible sector, CMR can support you in getting a discount on the climate change levy (CCL) element of your energy bills of 90% on electricity and 65% on other fuels through the Climate Change Agreement (CCA). At the end of each two year target period, participants must report on their energy consumption and throughput data for every “target unit” and compare the results to their specific energy consumption target. Where a unit exceeds its target, the credits can be “banked” for a future period. Where a unit fails to achieve its targets (and does not have sufficient “banked” credits from previous periods to cover the shortfall) the participant must purchase further credits to fill the gap. For organisations participating in the Carbon Reduction Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC), CCAs provide exemptions for the amount of allowances you need to purchase so are financially beneficial.

Whether your organisation is already involved in CCAs or if you are considering joining the scheme, CMR can support you in meeting the CCA requirements by:

  • Providing technical support and advice to ensure your CCA targets are met;
  • Identifying interdependencies with other legislative requirements such as CRC;
  • Producing the CCA Annual report;
  • Calculating the buyout/surplus to be banked;
  • Maintain the Evidence pack.

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