Compressed air can cost businesses between 15% and 25% of total energy spend.  However, it can be significantly reduced with correct usage, control and pressure optimisation.

The cost of air leaks

Compressed air is expensive to generate, yet a significant proportion can be wasted through leakage. Leaks cannot be seen or heard in the normal humdrum of manufacturing activities and so this waste goes undetected.

Leaks can be identified and fixed quickly, allowing immediate cost and energy savings.


A small 2mm leak, left unfixed for 24 hours, 5 days/week and 50 weeks/year will cost £1,000 per annum at 8p/kWh and emit 6 tonnes of CO2 unnecessarily. 

A 4mm leak will cost a massive £6,000 p.a.

How can CMR help?

We adopt a systematic and scientific approach to leak detection. The first step is a survey to assess the overall loss, then pinpointing the exact location and size of each leak, expressed as kWh, CO2 and £ costs.

We then produce a repair programme, prioritising the worst leaks and provide project support to ensure that the plan is executed in a timely and cost efficient manner.

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