By undertaking a comprehensive assessment of your compressed air system efficiency, you can save, on average, 30% or more.

Due to very low conversion efficiency, compressed air costs about 10 times more than other means to achieve the same effect or need.  So operational efficiency is critical to minimising running costs ( electricity & maintenance).

Key facts to note are:

  • 75% of the lifetime cost of a compressor is electricity usage
  • 20% or more air leakage is common
  • 30% or more air is misused or wasted
  • Waste heat of compression is not recovered

How will CMR assist?

We will carry out a system efficiency assessment that consists of actual measurements of power consumed and air delivered by the system, based on ISO standards.

Our survey covers:

  • Efficiency of individual and overall compressor system performance
  • Assessment of system demand, air receiver capacity and pressure control
  • Efficiency of treatment systems (dryers and filters)
  • Sizing of distribution networks, pressure losses and zone isolations
  • Review of end users
  • Calculation of energy usage
  • Potential for waste heat recovery

All types of compressed air systems can be investigated such as, instrument air, plant air, breathing air, air separation systems and aeration of effluent or waste water treatment plants.

Our comprehensive report consists of:

  • A report on current performance and running costs
  • Recommendations for savings
  • Prioritised action plan for implementation of recommendations
  • Capex costs, carbon savings and paybacks

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