Consumption Monitoring & Reporting

An essential part of energy management is the ability to monitor and analyse energy consumption, to identify waste and highlight areas for improvement.

Many organisations are now fitted with AMR (Automated Meter Reading) meters, which automate the collection of consumption data, making the process efficient and free from human error.

The devil may be in the detail

However, as most fiscal meters are positioned to measure energy and water consumption as it enters a site, key information about when and where these are being used across the business is not available.

CMR provides the know-how to install additional AMR sub-metering to monitor individual buildings, industrial processes or cost centres.

This additional insight enables you to see exactly where and how energy and water is being used, and assess potential areas for consumption reduction initiatives and cost savings.

The data can be automatically sent to a secure online energy management system, Insight, for detailed analysis and reporting.

The benefits

The quality of data provided by sub-metering offers a range of analytical benefits, helping to highlight waste, improve efficiency and generate cost savings.

  • Ability to monitor, measure and manage energy and water consumption;
  • Timely, accurate information – automated half hourly, hourly or daily data collection;
  • Accurate apportionment of costs to cost centres;
  • Improved forecasting and budget allocation accuracy;
  • Identifies additional opportunities for energy reductions;
  • Legislative conformance for fiscal metering.

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