CP1 Heat Networks

CMR have significant experience in supporting the design, development and energy optimisation of heat networks across all sectors.

From simple boiler systems to complex Combined Heat and Power and Tri-Generation installations, CMR’s energy consultants can make sure that the right scheme is chosen for the application and existing schemes are operating to their full potential. We have worked with Universities, Airports, Hotels, community heating schemes and manufacturing in the development of our capabilities.

We are currently involved in the optimisation of community heating schemes which can range from a simple boiler installation with a single secondary heating circuit to complex multi-building schemes with gas boilers, bio-mass boilers, CHP, absorption chillers and heat stores. We understand the importance of approaching each scheme holistically to understand the relationships between heat generation, distribution and end use and developing energy profiles to understand seasonal and time of day system thermal loads.

With existing schemes our approach is consistent throughout and includes:

  • Understanding the technical, commercial and political framework;
  • Detailed Energy modelling and Half Hourly or billing energy data analysis;
  • Review of controls and operation (including BMS software strategies);
  • Compare existing system control and operation with codes of practice, such as CP1;
  • Review of maintenance schedules;
  • Site audit with field measurements;
  • In depth survey of heating/cooling generation, distribution and end use;
  • Report with recommendations highlighting energy, carbon and cost savings and costs to implement;
  • Action plan for implementation.

CMR can provide follow on support to conduct further feasibility studies, project manage the implementation of recommendations and measurement & verification of the savings.

For more information, contact us at info@cmrgroup.co.uk, or call on +44 (0)844 225 1166 to speak to one of our senior energy and water consultants.