CMR Consultants has over 20 years of experience working with schools nationwide.

We have been supporting the education sector for over 20 years from our involvement in the old government funded Action Energy and Carbon Trust audits to more recent, independent, energy and water consultancy and legislative support.

The education sector is diverse and includes many different types of buildings including classrooms, sports centres and swimming pools, administration offices, libraries, catering, student accommodation and science and technology facilities. The building services required to provide comfortable working environments for occupants is similarly diverse and in many cases complex. Through our significant knowledge and experience, we have built up a detailed understanding of both the technical infrastructure and the factors influencing efficient operation. Our key services to the education sector include:

  • Energy and water audits;
  • Detailed technical surveys and feasibility studies:
    • Lighting;
    • Variable Speed Drives;
    • Heat pumps;
    • Heating systems;
    • Thermographics;
    • Energy and Water data logging and leak detection.
  • Co and Tri-generation;
  • BMS optimisation;
  • Metering and billing;
  • District and community heating optimisation;
  • Renewables (typically wind, solar and bio-mass);
  • Legislative Compliance.

For more information, contact us at, or call on +44 (0)844 225 1166 to speak to one of our senior energy and water consultants.