Energy Audits & Strategy

CMR provides end-to-end measurement and verification of any energy efficiency measures you may have implemented, in line with a number of internationally recognised standards, such as IPMVP.

This allows us to independently demonstrate the true impact of your energy improvement measures and verify energy performance at every level from plant or component, to building or company.

How can you be sure you’re really saving money?

When you agree to large energy efficiency improvements or renewable energy projects you want to be sure they are going to deliver the savings you have been promised.

Having a robust understanding of the impact of your energy saving measures is essential for target setting, monitoring and budgeting. It is crucial when payments to contractors are linked to energy savings.

But how can you be sure that your installation is performing as your contractor or technology provider claimed it would?

Proving savings by reviewing changes in energy consumption is a difficult task, especially when changes in uncontrollable influences, such as utility tariffs, productivity and ambient weather conditions, can mask or exaggerate the impacts of an energy saving measure.

How can CMR assist?

Using protocols, such as the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol, CMR can independently verify the energy and water savings claimed by energy service companies. Depending on the type of retrofit, the performance measurement parameters will change to ensure like-for-like comparisons, used across the world to measure efficiency improvements.
Using CMR to independently verify your efficiency measures will give you peace of mind that your energy strategy is delivering the return on investment you had planned and that contractors are being paid for the actual savings being delivered.

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