Significant energy & cost savings can be made by changing to a gas fired radiant heating system.

Space heating can be costly

Many older factories are heated by hot water, steam or warm air systems that deliver poor creature comfort.  When generation and distribution losses are taken into account, these systems can be shown to have a ‘delivery’ efficiency of less than 50%. Energy is wasted and running costs high.

The facts:

  • Hot water/steam radiant heating is effective at very high temps or steam pressures, but generally expensive to run and maintain.
  • Warm air systems suffer from distribution inefficiencies and require high powered fans to make an impact, plus ‘punka’ fans to stop stratification, so the heating effect/comfort provided is poor.
  • Temperature control is difficult.

In comparison, a gas fired radiant heating system:

  • Warms people and solid surfaces directly and quickly
  • Provides good heat distribution across the whole factory floor, leading to good comfort levels
  • Can be zone controlled, using a BMS
  • Leads to a more efficient heating system, with much lower running costs

Various options are available to meet factory layout or particular environmental needs.

How can CMR assist?

We start with a detailed site survey to determine the current status of your heating system.  We look at the condition of the pipework insulation, boiler/warm air system efficiency, controls, comfort conditions, age of the heating plant and associated equipment, fuel bills, etc.

From this we can assess the overall system efficiency and running costs, to compare with investment in a new, decentralised and well controlled radiant heating system.

Our comprehensive project report details:

  • Current performance and running costs
  • Savings estimates, kWh, £ and CO2
  • Capex costs, ROI and paybacks
  • Detailed drawings and a project implementation plan
  • Funding solutions (rental, lease or loan)

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