Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting – we can help make life easier…

Under new legislation passed in 2013 it has been a mandatory requirement for Incorporated/FTSE companies to declare their annual greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) for UK and International sites in the Directors section of its Annual Report. Many companies have also voluntarily decided to declare its greenhouse gas emissions to improve their sustainable image.

There are many benefits to reporting your GHG emissions and environmental performance such as lower energy costs, gain a better understanding of exposure to the risks of climate change and demonstrate leadership which will help strengthen your green credentials in the marketplace.

GHG requires your company to report its carbon emissions for a selected one year period. CMR can help with the following to achieve the requirements of GHG reporting: –

  • Determine if you are required to report your GHG;
  • Establish what period you should collect data for;
  • Work with you to collect the relevant data using our own data collection toolkit;
  • What emissions are to be reported and the scope they fall under (including scope 3 waste and water);
  • Work out your emissions intensity ratio
  • Provide an environmental performance summary to be included in your Directors Report
  • Work with third parties on any independent verification audits of the figures.

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