CMR Consultants has vast experience working with the leisure sector across the UK.

We have a detailed understanding of where energy and water is used, the factors influencing it and the measurement and Key Performance Indicators needed to evaluate efficiency and identify solutions. We have developed a bespoke Leisure Centre toolkit to streamline site audits and support energy and water efficiency opportunities and recommendations.

In recent years we have worked with a national leisure centre operator and supported them through the ESOS process, combined with a more defined plant and equipment evaluation criteria. The work involved detailed site audits, analysis and benchmarking of the entire portfolio and identification of significant energy usage, including transport. Our standard energy and water audits were based on BS EN 16247 and a logical and thorough process was followed throughout:

  • Initial strategic review; to understand culture and values, employee, contractor and sub-contractor roles and responsibilities, governance and policy/legislative framework (which included CHP QA, CRC and ESOS);
  • Detailed energy and water analysis; including regression analysis of significant energy consuming plant, equipment and services including boilers & CHP (a CHP feasibility study was carried out at each site audited), Chillers, Air Handling Units (AHUs) and swimming pool pumps and heating;
  • Walk round survey; to agree key focus areas with the chief engineer;
  • Detailed audit; including actual performance measurement of motors and drives, chillers, boilers, AHUs and a more general assessment of lighting, catering, steam rooms and saunas;
  • Post-audit de-brief; to discuss the findings of the audit with the leisure centre management;
  • Detailed report; a detailed report was produced for each centre with an executive summary section. This included description and operation, analysis (including energy and water mapping), recommendations (low/no cost; CapEx and renewables) and next steps;
  • Audit review meeting; To formally review the audit findings with the Hotel team and agree next steps.

CMR can provide a host of follow-on services including:

  • Automatic metering, monitoring and targeting;
  • Detailed feasibility studies;
  • Site Support and project management;
  • Measurement and verification of savings;
  • Demand-side management;
  • Legislative compliance;

Our preference is to work with leisure centre operators at a strategic level to ensure audits and more importantly, the audit recommendations are carefully co-ordinated and programmes developed to ensure a cost-effective and operationally efficient delivery, plus, link in with energy procurement and legislation. We also stress the importance of having a robust measurement and reporting framework in place to verify that the level of savings identified in the audit are realised.

For more information, contact us at info@cmrgroup.co.uk, or call on +44 (0)844 225 1166 to speak to one of our senior energy and water consultants.