Insight – Online Energy Management

Half hourly and AMR metering provides an endless stream of data and making sense of it can be a complex task. Insight, our online automatic monitoring and targeting (AM&T) system, can provide the solution by collating, analysing and transforming this data into meaningful information.


Using Insight, consumption data direct from the meters can be used to:

  • Investigate in more detail how and when energy is being used;
  • Highlight trends in consumption and the variables that affect it;
  • Identify and monitor exceptions to usage patterns;
  • Manage and benchmark energy consumption across buildings and processes;
  • Optimise load management or TRIAD avoidance;
  • Identify potential control setting problems or opportunities for energy reductions;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of energy reduction projects;
  • Set and monitor performance against targets or financial budgets;
  • Ensure accurate cost allocation across different departments and cost centres;
  • Raise awareness and change employee attitudes towards energy usage.

Insight can import data from any source including; Half Hourly metering, AMR, data loggers and Building Energy Management Systems, manual meter readings, cost contracts and budgets. Key Performance Indicators that affect your energy usage can also be input and reported against, such as occupancy hours, units of production and weather data. It then provides advanced consumption and cost reporting on all areas of energy and water usage.

Key features

  • Fully web enabled for access from any location;
  • Secure central database;
  • Tiered and configurable user access to relevant data;
  • Range of standard and bespoke reporting options;
  • Automatic report generation and distribution via email;
  • Exception reporting and automated alarms via email or SMS text message;
  • Company branding on outgoing reports;
  • Company branded dashboard.

How can CMR help?

Insight will be fully set up by CMR to your requirements, and made available online through a secure, dedicated log-in and password.

We will work closely with you to develop bespoke reports to meet your individual needs. These reports can be set up to be automatically generated and sent to users, saving valuable time and acting as a reminder for more energy efficient working practices.

CMR provides full training prior to implementation to guarantee ease of operation, and offer regular reviews of the bespoke reports to ensure that customers are utilising the system effectively.

In addition, our consultancy team can also be involved in your consumption monitoring and reporting, providing regular in-depth analysis and recommendations.

For more information, contact us at, or call on +44 (0)844 225 1159 to speak to one of our senior energy and water consultants.