Process Energy

CMR have been providing energy and water management services to manufacturing and industry for over 20 years and we are the energy efficiency services providers to the EEF.

 Manufacturing in the UK is diverse and complex with hundreds of different energy and water intensive industrial processes in operation. CMR have developed significant knowledge and experience of both industrial processes and the complex building services that are used to support them. For this reason, we apply a robust engineering based approach to process energy and water using techniques such as:

  • Energy Mapping;
  • Regression analysis of usage against production (site or line level);
  • Detailed engineering studies of plant and equipment;
  • Energy logging;
  • Temperature, flow-rate and pressure measurements;
  • Standard Workday Energy Efficiency Planning (SWEEP)

We are experts in metering and sub-metering and have our own bespoke on-line monitoring and targeting system, ‘Insight’, which can be used by site management to measure both site level and elemental performance (kWh/unit of production by line for example), track improvements against targets and set alarm levels for unexpectedly high consumption (particularly out of hours).

For large and complex industrial sites, we have developed an energy and water Kaizen, which is typically a 1 week event involving employees from across the site. The Kaizen programme follows 6 modules:

  • Review (site scoping meeting, interviews and review policies, procedures etc.);
  • Gather data and analyse (energy, water, carbon and production data);
  • Investigate (general and specific site surveys);
  • Ideation and quantification (review site survey findings, prioritise and develop projects lists);
  • Planning (roles & responsibilities, management reporting, risks, programmes etc.);
  • Senior Team De-brief.

Although the Kaizen can be resource intensive, it yields dramatic results with typically 20% to 30% energy and water savings projects identified. For more information, contact us at, or call us on +44 (0) 8442251166 to speak to one of our senior energy and water consultants.