The optimisation of existing refrigeration and cooling systems, or a longer-term replacement strategy can deliver significant carbon and cost reductions.

What are the issues?

Refrigeration or cooling plant can make up a large part of a site’s electricity consumption.  Therefore the inefficient operation of chillers, cooling systems and associated pumps and fans can significantly increase energy costs and CO2 emissions.

In addition, many older systems using R22 refrigerant will need to be replaced or converted by the end of 2014 in accordance with EU legislation.

How can CMR assist?

CMR can provide a range of services to minimise the energy costs and CO2 emissions associated with process and HVAC refrigeration.

Our step-by-step services include:

  • Analysis of loads, control systems and circulation/distribution systems. This will identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of delivering the required HVAC or process conditions.
  • Diagnostic analysis of chiller operation and efficiency. This identifies opportunities to reduce consumption, through improved maintenance and control.
  • Strategy, design and specification work, to replace or upgrade refrigeration plant and associated circulation/distribution systems, to meet new and existing loads. This can include chiller specification, control philosophy, heat rejection (water or air cooled) and heat recovery options for compatible heat loads.

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