Security of Supply

Achieving a carbon neutral position which encompasses off-the-grid and security of supply energy generation is an achievable ambition.

With it comes a high degree of protection against rising energy prices, particularly in countries that are reliant on imported fuels for power generation.
Moving to sustainable energy sources will also enhance reputation and brand, being viewed favourably by shareholders and customers.

How can CMR assist?

CMR can help you understand your energy needs and identify and evaluate your options in achieving a sustainable, carbon neutral energy strategy.
We only consider proven renewable / sustainable power and heat generation technologies that are resilient and can offer security of supply.

Carbon neutral

We can replace or off-set current energy sources, derived from fossil fuels, with alternative renewable energy solutions. Excess renewable energy capacity at one site can also off-set unavoidable use of fossil fuel derived energy e.g. grid imported electricity, at another.


We can provide solutions to generate electricity and/or heat on-site, with the capacity equivalent to a sites consumption requirements, thus negating the need for electricity from ‘the Grid’. Complete disconnection from the national electricity distribution system (‘the Grid’) is not envisaged, due to security of supply requirements.

We adopt a structured, proven approach

  • We investigate and implement energy load reduction measures to minimise energy use on a site;
  • We consider on-site/off-site energy generation options with the overarching aim of meeting your energy consumption needs, whilst achieving carbon neutral and off-the-grid ambitions;
  • Modelling software is used to estimate the energy generation potential of the suggested solution, and how it can deliver the carbon neutral or off-the-grid requirements;
  • Location and deployment of the new generation sources is studied and justified, with an initial risk assessment and noting sensitivities;
  • Investment appraisals are carried out. These factor in availability of government incentives, planning permission, environmental compliance, local regulations and public perceptions and relations.

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