Steam efficiency optimisation


A systematic and holistic analysis of steam generation, distribution and utilisation can deliver an optimum strategy to help minimise energy consumption.

The challenges with steam

The generation, distribution and utilisation of steam can make up a large part of a site’s energy consumption, particularly in manufacturing.

Steam has traditionally been a convenient and flexible means of distributing heat to a wide range of hot water, HVAC and process requirements.

However, any losses or inefficiencies during its generation, distribution or utilisation often make up a disproportionate share of the energy cost. This is particularly true if loads at the point of use have reduced due to technological improvements or operational changes.

A systematic and holistic analysis of how steam is used across your site will identify ways to minimise energy consumption. This can be achieved through short-term efficiency measures and longer-term capital investment.

How can CMR assist?

We provide a step-by-step process to minimise the costs and CO2 emissions associated with the use of steam. Our range of services include surveys, measurement and analysis.

Our services

  • Benchmark the efficiency of steam consumers and identify cost effective opportunities to improve the control, heat recovery or conversion from steam to point of use energy supply.
  • Reduce distribution losses by improvements to steam trapping, condensate return, insulation, flash steam recovery and rationalisation of pipework.
  • Review boiler operation and efficiency, including combustion performance, feedwater treatment and blow-down.
  • Develop alternative strategies (including full or partial decentralisation) to reduce or eliminate a site’s dependence on steam, delivering substantial savings in generation and distribution losses, and improving point of use efficiency.
  • Evaluate the potential of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) to deliver net reductions in energy costs and CO2 emissions.

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