Steam traps and pipework surveys

By identifying and correcting lost energy caused by leaking steam traps and poorly insulated pipes, we can deliver significant savings with minimal capital outlay.

Minimising losses from leaking steam traps and lack of insulation

A large proportion of fuel used in steam systems is wasted. This is often due to losses from defective steam traps and un-lagged or insufficiently lagged steam pipes.

How can CMR assist?

We adopt a systematic and scientific approach to identifying problems,  combined with structured and prioritised corrective action to deliver cost effective solutions.

Our services

  • Analysis of system performance and efficiency to determine the energy cost and CO2emissions associated with each loss.
  • A thermo-graphic survey of the complete distribution pipework and ultrasonic and thermo-graphic survey of all steam traps.
  • A schedule of recommendations and corrective actions, with each insulation requirement and steam trap repair or replacement itemised and quantified in terms of energy loss and cost, cost of rectification and payback period.
  • A prioritised plan for implementation.
  • Full project management or support of improvement implementation, if / as required.

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