In addition to your main site metering, installing sub-metering can help you manage energy or water consumption across different areas and processes, highlighting trends in consumption and identifying exceptions or opportunities for reductions.

CMR has vast experience working with our clients to install additional AMR sub-metering. We offer a variety of services to deliver a bespoke metering solution to meet your unique requirements. We will integrate all aspects, from the initial site survey, to design and installation of the meters, and commissioning and delivery of the consumption data.

Site surveys and design

We can arrange a full survey of your site(s) and existing metering, to devise the most effective metering strategy for your requirements. We will ensure main site metering is working and appropriate for use and can also integrate any existing metering into your final strategy – ensuring that you do not unnecessarily replace any work already completed.

Installation project management

We can fully project manage all meter installations, acting as the intermediary for different meter manufacturers, installers and data collectors. We will ensure the system is correctly commissioned, resulting in minimum disruption and cost for you.

Consumption monitoring and reporting

Following installation we will continue to monitor the sub meter data and investigate any anomalies, to ensure that levels of accuracy are maintained. This data will be transferred to a secure central online database, allowing CMR to provide a range of reports so you can make the most of the additional data available.

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