Water Market Deregulation

The deregulation of the water market is here… let's see how we can help you.

DEFRA’s reform of the water market aims to increase competition amongst suppliers and make further steps to protect the environment by April 2017. It has seen the industry opening up for the first time, which will greatly impact on English business’ ability to switch suppliers and negotiate better contracts.

The Water Act 2014 will allow new suppliers providing alternative sources of water and sewerage treatment services to enter the market as suppliers; thus developing a national water supply network that makes it easier for water companies to buy and sell water from each other. Furthermore, owners of small water storage facilities will be able to sell their excess water into the public supply.

The biggest benefit to businesses, charity and public sector customers will be the ability to switch their water and sewerage supplier, allowing them to purchase and manage their water in much the same way they do with their energy. This freedom to choose suppliers will undoubtedly pour focus on customer service levels as suppliers must compete for business.

One of the best ways to approach water procurement is to outsource to a water consultancy. This could not only reduce costs but also ensure a sustainable, long-term water strategy is in place that delivers efficiencies and further cost reductions. Choose your water consultancy carefully; it is unlikely that third party intermediaries (TPI’s) will be regulated when the market first opens. Choose a well-established, highly regarded water consultancy to handle procurement on your behalf.

How CMR will broker the best contract for your business:

CMR Consultants are a reputable water consultancy with an excellent track record of providing high levels of customer service and delivery of sustainable results. As an ethical water consultancy, our fees are fully transparent and we are open and honest about our relationship with suppliers, giving you peace of mind that your decision to work with us was the right one.

CMR have well-established relationships with UK water suppliers and years of expertise within the industry, and therefore are well placed to negotiate the best deal on your behalf. We can consolidate all your sites under one contract to not only gain better prices with combined volume, but also to simplify bill checking and validation and provide strategic direction for water procurement and management to meet the future needs of your organisation.

Many organisations do not recognise the savings that can be made by simply reviewing their water consumption and associated costs. CMR Consultants can carry out a site survey and make recommendations for cost saving, efficiencies and highlight any opportunities for refunds from your current supplier. Analysing and reporting data is vital for understanding and managing your water consumption, therefore using your current and historic billing data, our consultants can:

  • Highlight billing errors, e.g. incorrect tariff charges, miscalculations or anomalies;
  • Compare historical consumption against typical industry benchmarks to identify suspected excessive usage;
  • Identify sites with potential wastewater charging discrepancies;
  • Identify and recover historic overcharges levied by water companies.

For more information, contact us at info@cmrgroup.co.uk, or call on +44 (0)844 225 1166 to speak to one of our senior energy and water consultants.