Water Procurement

Significant cost savings can be made by ensuring you are paying the correct tariffs and implementing any efficiency measures to reduce consumption.

As water bills are complex, many businesses do not appreciate or understand how their water tariffs work and therefore how to minimise costs. A typical industrial water invoice will consist of:

  • Meter charges
  • Cost of supply
  • Cost of return to sewer
  • Cost of trade effluent or waste water discharge
  • Surface water and other environmental charges

In addition, many bills are estimated or incorrect.  These errors often go undetected, due to the complexity of the bills and because water costs generally don't get the same level of scrutiny as energy bills.

How can CMR assist?

We conduct a thorough desktop audit of all your water bills, both current and historic and identify savings comprising:

  • Refunds from billing errors or overcharges
  • Refunds on other charges
  • Appropriateness of current charges
  • Potential for efficiency savings

In its simplest form, this desktop audit identifies supplier over-charges, which we can recover on your behalf. It can also lead to a full site survey, where a concise list of efficiency savings is produced and plan of implementation is provided. We can also supervise implementation and verify savings post implementation.

Water invoice cost audit

Let us undertake an initial water audit to assess your water consumption and identify any potential cost savings. If your water related expenditure is more than £2,000 per annum, we estimate you could save between 20-30%.

Health check

By carrying out a simple desktop audit of your current water, waste water and third party charges we can highlight any potential overcharges and discrepancies between your consumption and costs. All we need from you is 12 months' of water and associated invoices.


There is no initial charge for this service.  Following our assessment we provide a report and if you would like us to investigate our findings further, we would ask you to pay a fee, or enter into a 'shared savings agreement'. This is where our service is entirely performance-related and you only pay from either the savings made or revenue recovered. Therefore no savings  - no charges.

For more information, contact us at info@cmrgroup.co.uk, or call on +44 (0)844 225 1166 to speak to one of our senior energy and water consultants.